The Thomasville Fly-In

Come join us for the 47th Annual Fly-In
the 2nd weekend in October!
 October 10, 11, and 12, 2014



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2013 Fly-In Activities:


Poker Run:  A poker run in your aircraft for Friday the 11th, leaving TVI at 5:00  PM (1700 or 2100UTC).  The poker run will be short but give you the opportunity to see some south Georgia landscape and visit some nice airports nearby.  We will allow plenty of time even at Cub speed to be back in TVI before dark. There will be a nice prize for the best hand.


The Candy Drop for the kids is always a big hit; join the fun Saturday at 2:30 PM. Thank you, Tallahassee Helicopters! 

Dr. Thomas W. Diefenbach President/commercial pilot,,
3240 Capital Circle SW, Tallahassee
office 850-841-1111


Spot Landing Contest:  This year a spot landing contest will be held, traffic permitting; we will work hard to make it work.  We have had a lot of requests for this.  Rules will change for this year’s spot landing contest.  In years past, pilots would power up to the line, chop power, and bounce off the runway, not really landing.  This year a real landing will be required.  Close the throttle when spot is directly off left wing tip and do a 180 degree power off approach.  You may clear the engine one short burst before reaching short final. Short final will be 100 feet before reaching end of runway. You must cross the line with all three landing gears on the ground; nearest the line wins.    Next time you fly, practice this!  Prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3 places. 

We will continue to provide shuttle service to/from town for those who need it. 


Phone:  (229) 403-1071

Last update:  10/28/2013